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The flavour and taste of Darjeeling teas are defined as per harvesting seasons. Darjeeling has four seasons as per climate of tea.

Black Tea

First Flush (Spring Flush)


A romantic name for first flush is Lover’s blush. The time frame of First Flush is mid March to April. Teas of this time frame have highest demand and price tag than the teas of other seasons. The First flush teas are harvested following the spring rain. The colour of the leaves is light green. The taste and aroma of the first Flush tea is very subtle and flowery in taste. Spring is all about light and bright and fresh and green, brisk and crisp. So the planters try to bring all of them into the cup.

Second Flush


Second Flush is the Summer Tea. It starts from the month of May to June. It is also referred as Summer Flush. The smell of first few drops of rain on perched soil is brought into the cup. Teas of this period are full-bodied and muscatel flavoured, light body and astringent, brisk and earthy and provide an amber color. Second flush teas can be consumed with milk also.

Monsoon Flush


It is the tea season between July and September. Teas of this flush are more Oxidized. The Monsoon Flush teas are suitable as a base tea for blending purpose. The color of the tea is dark and the taste is strong.

Autumnal Flush


Autumnal Flush takes place from October to November. It’s the last tea season of the year. The flavour and taste are totally different from other seasons. Generally, Autumnal Flush teas are full bodied and darker in colour. It has less delicate flavour and taste. Coppery gold is the colour of the infusion.

Green Tea

We present the finest variety of Green Teas, rich in antioxidants and strong revitalizing properties. They are collected fresh from the tea gardens of Darjeeling. Green teas have fresh grassy flavours, and little bit of toasted malty notes with lots of health benefits. Pairing light fresh cheese is suggested with green tea because this tea is a very light tea that requires light pairings. Some green teas have a vegetative flavour so it goes well with mild flavoured food like sea food.

White Tea

White tea is a very specific thing in the tea world. It is one of the most little processed teas made from four different picking standards of tea leaves. Silver Needle or Bai Hao Yin Zhen and White Peony or Bi Mu Dan, these two varieties are mostly produced in Darjeeling gardens.
Floral fruity and slightly vegetal are all words that are used to describe the taste of white tea. White tea can be very delicate and mild. Particularly for those who are used to stronger tastes. So don’t give up if it does not grab you right away. White tea is processed by withering the leaves to reduce moisture content and then drying them.
We bring Bi Mu Dan and Silver Needles exclusively.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a category of tea which is everything between green tea and black tea. A semi- oxidised tea and has a wide variety of flavours like fresh floral and creamy notes, sometimes nutty, toasted and roasted notes. It has a wide variety of health benefits too. Most tea experts prefers Oolong as a tea to drink for themselves as it is a wonderful tea which comes in a variety of tastes that is light Oolong to Dark Oolong. This tea can be paired with all kind of food including rich dishes and desserts too.

Masala Chai


Masala chai or Masala tea is a flavoured tea bevearage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs. It re energises our body and mood. It boosts metabolism, fights cold and has number of other health benefits. Masala Chai is recommended to drink with milk and sweetener.

Orange Tea

Darjeeling is also famous for oranges along with tea.ATS tries to bring the refreshing orange flavour into the tea cups.
It has a refreshing flavour and taste rich in Vitamin-C. It is blended with natural green tea with natural dehydrated orange zest. This citrusy orange green tea helps in cleansing and detoxification besides great refreshments.

Garden Fresh CTC Tea


We procure a wide variety of CTC teas from the tea gardens Terrai, Dooars and Assam.. The tea has full body with a creamy texture. The tea infuses best flavour while consuming with milk and sugar.

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